Coil Varnish (clear coating) Drying Oven

Coil Varnish (clear coating) Drying Oven

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Product Introduction

This machine is used in coil varnish process which is run for drying and final air cooling.

In vacuum environment soaking varnish  can make the motor copper and silicon steel gap does contact Clear coating.

This model product is available for different design of machine size, shape and processing quantity of finished product, etc. as per customer's demand.

Specifications (Size can varied by customer demand)

(1) inner container size: 1500mm*1300mm*1500mm

(2) Stepless temperature control 0 ~ 150 degrees

(3) protection control valve OFF

(4) ON-OFF valve to exhaust exhaust smoke

(5) Setting the control temperature time

(6) the upper door can exhaust smoke         

(7) outside dimension: 2120mm*1540mm*2320mm                      

(8) weight: about 1600 kg  "