2 Pole Vibrating Motor A204

2 Pole Vibrating Motor A204

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Forestalling coagulation in materials stockpiling bins as well as feeder movement channels utilized by producers. Manage powder and other modest granular material in holders to stack boost limit. Dislodging partialities and dust into authorities to direct air contamination. Non-dangerous vibration testing rigs utilized in electronics and computer businesses. Vibrating topple over solid structures. De-gurgling epoxy resin items, for example, PCBs. and so on.

  •     Brand: CSV (Chuan Sheng Vibration Motor)
  •     Model: A204
  •     Power: 45W  (1/16 HP)
  •     Vibration Force: 110 LB  (50 Kg)
  •     Pole:2  Speed: 3600 rpm (60 Hz); 3000 rpm (50 Hz)
  •     Phase: Single 1 or Three 3
  •     Voltage: by customer requirements
  •     IP: 55
  •     Certification: CE
  •     Place of origin: Taiwan